Band Service at the University of Minnesota

In the early days of the band, service and social activities were handled not by a specific group but by an elected president, secretary and treasurer within the band. An informal social organization was founded by director Bert Rose in 1913, but this was primarily only for the purpose of socialization and not for service. The band was forever changed, however, when director Michael Jalma arrived in 1920. Jalma, fresh from directing army bands in France during WWI felt that the formation of an organization to foster service and fraternity outside of band was essential, and thus founded a social structure for a service and social organization known simply as the Band Social Organization (BSO). All band members were a part of this group.

Complementing the BSO was an honorary fraternity, Phi Sigma Phi, founded in February 1922, and composed only of upperclassmen. Theta Nu, a sister sorority was founded during the winter quarter of 1944 with the same purpose of trying to advance the band. The focus of these organizations was service, though they also undertook social events alongside the BSO. Aspirations for larger projects led Theta Nu to petition the national organization of TBS, and finally in 1952, it was transformed into the 33rd chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, with the designator Alpha Iota.

Unfortunately, with the Vietnam War and counter culture movement in the 1960s, membership in fraternal organizations was becoming less popular and membership declined. The Alpha Iota chapter fell inactive in 1970 due to a lack of interest. The BSO, however, remained active.

By the mid 1970s, membership in the BSO was almost exclusively marching band members as interest from concert band members had waned. Noting this, and the lack of support for the concert bands, director Barry Kopetz began work to reinstate the Alpha Iota chapter of TBS between 1987-1988. The chapter was formally reinstated on June 2, 1990, and sponsored by the North Dakota State University chapter.

Alumni Sisters

Alpha Class - February 2, 1952
Emmy Lou Weir, Marian Josephine Knudson, Nancy Jane Sawtelle, Mary L. Everson, Helen Kay Anacker, June (Barstad) Sorenson, Glenice Churchill, Mary RuthFarrier, Eugenia F. Forster, Ella Marie Gustavson, Lois Indihar, Donna Lou Johanson, Carol Lothringer, Louella Jean Lund, Marlis J.K. (Majerus) Hanson, Ethel Mae (Rutherford) Laskey; Honorary: Dr. Gerald R. Prescott, Elsie Mae Prescott, Virginia F. Parlow

Beta Class - February 11, 1953
Beulah Ann Peterson, Janice H. Pritchard

Gamma Class - April 15, 1953
Betsy Jean (Breckenridge) Harum, Meredith Ann English, Beverly Joan (Godderz) McFarland, Dorothea Ann (Jerdee) Ofstedal, Marilyn O. Ledin, Phyllis Geanne (Luren) Benesh, Dorothea Luise McGuire, Shirley Ann (Michel) Kersey, Evelyn E. Morrow

Delta Class - May 27, 1953
Janet E. Deering, Anice L. Sandeen, Marilyn Wige

Epsilon Class - December 2, 1953
Janice Lee Gustavson, Marcia Joan (Wahl) Volkman

Zeta Class - April 25, 1954
Janice R. Blomquest, Hinda Burnstein, Mary Rose Dare, Winifred Eerson, Elizabeth English, Eonna Ericker, Joan Lee (Moilanen) McGonigal, Mary Elizabeth Swenson

Eta Class - June 4, 1954
Roberta Farnham

Theta Class - November 15, 1954
Janice L. Newmann

Iota Class - February 28, 1955
Suzanne LaDonna Nisun, Caryl (Bannister) Bishop, Alice L. Fuchs, Yvonne Jean Haslerud, Margaret Kumm, Darlene B. (Lund) Ross, Betty J. Meincke

Kappa Class - May 23, 1955
Margaret Kurth, Martha Stultz

Lambda Class - December 1, 1955
Doris (Mackie) Clothier, Linda Lee Petrich

Mu Class - March 6, 1956
Beverly R. Johnson, Barbara (Latchaw) O'Brien, Sharon J. Malmstrom, Marelene Mae Meincke, June (Swanson) Goranson

Nu Class - May 17, 1956
Brenda Louise Baumann

Xi Class - January 24, 1957
Kathryn Ann Goodrich

Omicron Class - March 7, 1957
Caroline S. Bunker, Melanie Finkelstein, Judith Eileen Johnson, Sandra J. Lofgren, Susan LeAnn (Popp) Tahala, Carole E. Shannon

Pi Class - June 3, 1957
Barbara Kay Johnson, Martha S. (Lukach) Hanson, Callista E. McCauley

Rho Class - December 5, 1957
Jo Ann I. Nelson, Carolyn A. (Peterson) Ness, Laine (Bryce) Langlotz

Sigma Class - March 2, 1958
Virginia Lee Bourgois, Mary Margaret Emerson, Shirley Mae Stettner

Tau Class - May 28, 1958
Elaine Marilyn Anderson

Upsilon Class - December 8, 1958
Janet E. Silverness, Constance Joan Tarasar

Phi Class - December 10, 1958
G. Susan Amunson; Honorary: Prof. Gale L. Sperry, Virginia C. Sperry