University of Minnesota

ORIGINAL COPY: May 12, 1998
REVISED: March 10, 2015

To promote the existence and welfare of the collegiate bands and to create a respect and appreciation for band activities and achievements among the listening public everywhere. To honor outstanding members of the band through privilege of membership, extended in recognition of musical achievement, demonstrated leadership, and an enthusiastic approach to band activities. To develop leadership through active participation and through the band, to strengthen those traits of conduct, thoughts, and idealism that characterize the responsible collegiate bands and to promote a high level of achievement in music performance and worthwhile projects. To provide a meaningful, worthwhile social experience for all engaged in collegiate band activities and to cooperate with other musical organizations and societies in a manner consistent with our mutual purposes and those of the institutions at which chapters are located.


The name of this co-ed organization shall be the Alpha Iota Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, National Honorary Band Sorority for College and University Bands.

Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, unless otherwise specifically stated in this constitution, shall govern the procedures of our chapter. The President shall state any changes or additions to our meeting policies for the fiscal year at the first meeting of each year. The President shall be responsible for distributing and enforcing basic rules of order. The President shall be very knowledgeable of Robert’s Rules of Order.

This Constitution shall be reviewed on a biannual basis and reviewed by the chapter membership as necessary in order to keep it up-to-date and in compliance with University policy and the National Tau Beta Sigma Constitution.

The Chapter shall operate under the authority of the Chapter Sponsor.


The officers of this chapter shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Ritualist, Member At Large and Merchandiser. These officers shall comprise the Executive Committee, which shall be responsible for the execution and enforcement of this Constitution. The President must be in good standing and have previously held an officer position. The Vice President must be in good standing and have been an active member for two academic years. The Member At Large must have at least one full academic year left after their term. No officer can serve their first term as an officer during their final year in the chapter.

Each chapter officer shall be an active member of the Sorority in good standing at the time of election, shall possess more than ordinary business ability, and shall be capable of representing the chapter under all ordinary conditions. Each officer shall have the best interest of the Sorority at heart and shall be willing and able to devote the necessary time to execute the duties of the office. All members who have been elected to an office must be currently enrolled students at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and be registered for at least six credits as defined by student group policy. They must also register for credit in a University band for one full semester during the term of office. Otherwise this member is ineligible to continue as an officer of the chapter. In the event that an officer cannot enroll in a band due to a class schedule of subjects required for graduation, the person elected can continue as an officer for that academic term, with the approval of the chapter. In this event, if this officer does not enroll in band the following academic semester the individual is automatically dropped as an officer.

The nominations/elections procedure will be as follows:
There will be one round of nominations and one election meeting. At the election meeting, each officer nominee will give a short speech. Following the speeches, a secret ballot among all active members will elect officers, and simple majority of all votes shall be necessary to elect a nominee. Each nominee shall have been an active member in good standing. Eligibility for individual officer positions are stated above. If there is not a simple majority, the nominee with the least amount of votes is dropped, and there is an immediate revote; this process will be repeated until a simple majority is reached.

The election results shall be tallied by an alumnus, the Chapter Sponsor, honorary member, or an active member who is not running for office.

Following the announcement of election results, the new officers-elect shall decide on a date for the installation ceremony. Whenever possible, the new officers shall be installed by the Chapter. If the Chapter Sponsor is not available, it is recommended that the installing officer be a past chapter President or current or past district officer.

Each chapter officer shall serve for a period of one year. Special elections shall be held during the year as vacancies occur. Two meetings shall be necessary for this purpose: One for nominations and one for elections. The President shall appoint an interim officer.

The President shall be responsible for the following:
1. Preside over all Chapter Meetings
2. Ensure that all officers fulfill the responsibilities of their office by presiding over the Executive committee
3. Appoint all standing and special committees
4. Serve as ex-officio member of all committees
5. Sign all contracts and other instruments of business incurred by the chapter
6. Develop an agenda for all meetings
7. Set up annual and long-range goals for the chapter with sponsor and executive board officers
8. Monitor the progress of the chapter and its members
9. Communicate regularly with the sponsor, directors, and chapter officers
10. Communicate as needed with the district officers
11. Keep the chapter well informed about national and district Tau Beta Sigma activities, Minnesota bands, School of Music, and Kappa Kappa Psi information
12. Complete and file the Fall Activity Report with the National Office by December 2
13. Complete and file the Chapter Summary report with the National Office by June 1
14. Serve as the official representative of the chapter15. Write monthly updates to the sponsor about the chapter’s activities and operations

The Vice-President shall be responsible for the following:
1. Preside at meetings of the chapter in the absence of the President
2. Recruit new members for the organization. Formulate criteria for recruiting members, sending out correspondence to possible recruits, and inform the Chapter Sponsor and chapter of these people.
3. Outline clear goals of the membership education program
4. Set up informational meetings for those who are interested in joining Tau Beta Sigma
5. Have a schedule of events that will occur during the membership education program
6. Educate prospective members of the organization’s meaning, purpose, duties, ideals, and history
7. Report progress of recruiting effort to the active members and Chapter Sponsor
8. Consult the chapter operations handbook for specifics about the membership education program
9. Educate the prospective members about membership dues and fees
10. Submit Initiate Registration to National Headquarters

The Secretary shall be responsible for the following:
1. Communicate with the National Office, District Officers, and other chapters
2. Submit articles to the Podium and Midwest Notes
3. Prepare and submit the new officer list immediately following new officer installation
4. Record, type and distribute meeting minutes to officers, Chapter Sponsor, and active members following each meeting and submit minutes to chapter records
5. Take attendance at all required activities, events, and meetings
6. Prepare and submit applications for District and National chapter awards

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the following:
1. Provide a financial report for the officers, sponsor, and a copy for other members to view as necessary. A verbal report of the balance and financial transactions shall be given at each meeting.
2. Control the receipts and disbursements of all monies of the chapter
3. Submit recommendations concerning the financial policies of the chapter
4. Sign all checks for monies disbursed
5. Keep record of all chapter finances
6. Retain a copy of every financial transaction
7. Submit the annual chapter fee and membership dues to the National office
8. Prepare jewelry and supply orders
9. Type and copy all forms, order, reports, etc. for the chapter’s records
10. Form a combined fiscal budget to be presented at the last chapter meeting of the spring semester.

The Historian shall be responsible for the following:
1. Serve as the chairperson for all chapter displays. The display represents the entire chapter; therefore, all members are encouraged to participate in the preparations for this project
2. Maintain a permanent record of all members and alumni in the chapter (name, instrument, major, birthday, officer status, induction year/class)
3. Compile and distribute membership directory at the beginning of the academic year and then update after each membership education program
4. Keep record of service projects performed including an archive of post-project notes

The Ritualist shall be responsible for the following:
1. Storage and maintenance of all ritual materials
2. Plan and execute rituals
3. Compile pictorial records of all Tau Beta Sigma - Alpha Iota events including a photo album/scrapbook for the Alpha Iota chapter that will include all pictures of the chapter, and any other memorabilia relating to the organization. This album can be used as the convention scrapbook and shall be accessible to organization members and visitors

The Member At Large shall be responsible for the following:
1. Preside over the committee heads
2. Maintain knowledge of the sorority and its members
3. Raise concern if policies and procedures cause members to suffer
4. Maintain knowledge of Robert’s Rules of order
5. Any duty not specified to another officer
6. Assist in organization of Big-Little program along with Membership committee
7. The MAL shall be automatically nominated as the chapter's delegate to District and National conventions.

The Merchandiser shall be responsible for the following duties:
1. Keep inventory and records of products and sales as well as oversees the process of taking inventory
2. Maintain business documentation
3. Order University of Minnesota Marching Band and Tau Beta Sigma apparel and processes orders in a timely manner as defined in the Merchandiser handbook including shipping
4. Oversees the design of new apparel
5. Present or reachable at every period of sales

Each officer, except the President shall have one vote at all meetings. The president shall only vote when the vote is by secret ballot or when her/his vote will affect the result. The President’s vote in a secret ballot is only tabulated in the event of a tie.


The standing committees of this chapter shall be: Service, Membership, Ways and Means, History, Ritual, and Apparel.

The Executive Committee shall appoint special committees of the chapter.

The President, pending approval of the Executive Committee, shall appoint standing committee chairpersons. A person can only chair one committee unless approved by a ¾ vote of membership. A member of the Executive Committee cannot chair a committee unless approved ¾ vote of membership.

Chairpersons of all standing committees shall serve for a period of one year. Members of special committees shall serve until relieved of this appointment by the Executive Committee.

The Service Committee under the guidance of the Secretary shall be responsible for the following:
1. Provide one social function for the band each semester. The goal of these functions is to keep the entire band united during the year.
2. Plan and execute a formal dance for the marching band during the season
3. Plan any other service events that may occur

The Ways and Means Committee under the guidance of the Treasurer shall be responsible for the following:
1. Arrange one or more fundraisers for each semester
2. Work with the Treasurer to develop a financial budget for the fiscal year and to ensure adequate funds are available for yearly projects
3. Present verbal reports to the chapter and Chapter Sponsor following each fundraiser
4. Provide the scholarship application
5. Review budget proposal submissions.

The Membership Committee under the guidance of the Vice President shall be responsible for the following:
1. Plan and execute recruitment events
2. Assist in the development of an education plan to educate prospective members
3. Plan events to develop sisterhood throughout the year

The History Committee under the guidance of the Historian shall be responsible for the following:
1. Assist in compiling written records of all Tau Beta Sigma - Alpha Iota events
2. Share information from previous years’ scrapbooks with the Chapter
3. Monitor social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook as well as the chapter website

The Ritual Committee under the guidance of the Ritualist shall be responsible for the following:
1. Plan and execute the degrees of initiation
2. Contribute to creating the annual scrapbook
3. Assisting in compiling pictorial records of all Tau Beta Sigma - Alpha Iota events
4. Committee members are responsible for participating in chapter Ritual

The Apparel duties will be:
1. Plan designs for new or improved products and communicates them to the chapter
2. Take inventory under the direction of the Merchandiser thrice a year
3. Maintain the display binder with accurate documentation of items
4. Monitor Square and PayPal accounts as well as online store

All committees shall be required to submit a typewritten report of their activities to the Executive Committee, if requested, by the end of each year.


Regular meetings shall be held on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on a biweekly basis throughout the academic year unless otherwise specified by the Executive committee. Standing committees will meet on weeks when there are not full-chapter meetings.

In general, the order of business for all chapter meetings shall be:
1. Opening Ceremonies
2. Summary of the minutes
3. Reports by the chapter officers
4. Committee reports
5. Unfinished business
6. Discussion
7. New business
8. Announcements
9. Closing ceremonies
When deemed advisable, the general order of business may be changed by the President.

Two-thirds (2/3) vote of the active present membership will be required by the Chapter during chapter meetings to approve any action taken.

All active members are expected to attend all regular meetings, committee meetings, special meetings, ceremonies, and projects of the chapter during the academic year.

A member will be excused from the meetings, ritual, or project when a handwritten and verbal excuse is submitted to the Secretary in a timely manner. Excused absences include class conflicts, family emergencies, severe or sudden illness with a doctor’s note, and any other absence stated as excusable on the Tau Beta Sigma National Constitution. If tardiness becomes excessive the Executive Committee will decide whether it should be excused. Any other absence that does not qualify as an excused absence will be counted as an unexcused absence.

Absences will be reported to and documented by the Secretary. Committee meeting absences will be reported by the standing and special committee chairperson to the Secretary.

Any member not submitting this requirement of attendance will have their membership status reviewed by the Executive Committee. Each active member is allowed two unexcused absences in one academic year. Further absences are grounds for probation.

Disciplinary actions may be appealed to the Executive Committee and/or Chapter Sponsor. Any appeal on the member’s behalf must be filed to the Executive Committee or Chapter Sponsor within one week after a decision has been rendered.


The fiscal year of the Alpha Iota Chapter shall be from June 1 to May 30 of the following year.

Each standing committee shall submit a budget proposal to the Treasurer for the upcoming fiscal year by the second to last Chapter meeting of the academic year.

The amount of dues and payment deadline shall be decided and set by the officers before the first meeting of each academic year

The minimum due payment for returning members is $85; for PMs $95.


Chapter membership shall be of six types: Active, Conditional, Inactive, Honorary Alumni, and Life Membership as defined by the National Constitution.

Upon due cause a member of the chapter may be suspended indefinitely upon a vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the chapter’s total active membership. During this time, the member will be classified as not in good standing. A vote of three-fourths (3/4) of the chapter’s total active membership will be required to lift the suspension. The National Office must be notified within ten (10) days of each action.

Only active members shall have voting privileges. No more than one third (1/3) of the voting membership may be non-University of Minnesota Twin Cities students.

Membership is open to all students, staff, and faculty without regard to race, religion, color, sex, national origin, disability, age, veteran status, creed, marital status, public assistance status, or sexual orientation.

All reports of the chapter officers shall be submitted to the Chapter Sponsor, National Headquarters (when appropriate), and the Chapter Historian for archival purposes.

The Fall Activity report will be December 1 of each year, and the Chapter Summary Report will be due June 1. These reports are the responsibility of the President. All reports of the chapter shall be submitted to the National Executive Director in writing, at times specified by the National Office and on forms prescribed by the National Office.


The Alpha Iota Chapter shall have a set of by-laws adopted by the active members of the organization, which shall in no way conflict with or receive priority over the local, district, or national constitution of Tau Beta Sigma. This set of by-laws may be more specific without conflicting with all constitutional laws set forth.

These by-laws shall cover such things as fines, assessments, and similar items that might be changed from time to time, when agreed upon by the active members of the chapter.

Three-fourths (3/4) of the active members will be required by the Chapter to ratify the by-laws.

Tau Beta Sigma will work under non-profit status only as a non-profit organization, and all monetary works done by Tau Beta Sigma will only benefit the marching band, the wider community, or the University of Minnesota.

As a student group of the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, Tau Beta Sigma will follow all University policies as well as local, state, and federal laws.

Upon dissolution of this group, the school of music will be the beneficiary of residual assets and distribution of such will be to the discretion of the director of bands. Ritual materials will be sent to national headquarters.